Masai Mara, Kenya: A Few Frames

On the road again, this time adventuring in Rwanda’s East African Community neighbor, Kenya. An hour on the plane from Kigali to Nairobi and the plane touches down outside of a bustling metropolis- like going from Sacramento, a little sleepy, to the noise and jostle of Los Angeles. I’m here to attend and present at a conference, English for Effective Communication (sponsored by Strathmore University), and I’m joined by five other fellows from my program, who I will hereby refer by their countries of work: Burundi, Uganda, Ethiopia, and, from further afield on the Western end of the continent, Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire. It makes for answering the question “where are you from?” a little messy.

More interesting information later, but here are a few frames. Our first stop was Masai Mara, a national park near the border with Tanzania, where the clouds were as much of an attraction as the animals. Due to recent events, tourism has dipped low in a country known for its game drives and rolling plains. The six of us managed to get our own tour in a tricked-out matatu, and spent two days stalking the big five from the popped-out roof.


On the road to Masai Mara: Outlook for the Great Rift Valley (I live in R)


Rwanda and Burundi, enjoying a break from R and B


Come chill with a Coke in the Coke Chilling areas (on the road)


Day 1: Red roads of Masai Mara 


Top popped, on the road


Day 1 comes to a close [majestically]


Giraffe spotted! Entire car goes silent [cue Toto’s “Africa”]


Burkina Faso + Mexican flag + Masai Kenya (who spoke impeccable Spanish) 


East and West, represent! Fellows in a safari matatu


Côte d’Ivoire, our resident future Nat Geo stalker/personal group paparazzo

IMG_6832Kenya, totally showing off

Next stop, Nairobi and academic things. For now, more clouds.



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